Wonder how our organic cotton shirts get so soft? All of our fabrics are washed and dyed by the hands of Adrian Hernandez and his son Edgar. The father-son team are true craftsmen of the cloth, developing unique dye formulas and wash methods for every piece of fabric they touch. Each completed garment is finished off with a rinse in Mrs. Meyer’s biodegradable and HE compatible laundry detergent. A shirt that’s soft and sweet-smelling right out of the box? Say no more!


Downtown LA

This small shop is family-owned and operated. There is no giant assembly line or industrial machinery, just organic cotton, ethically-sourced canvas, and sustainably-produced linen getting hand-sewn together; sweatshop-free. From our signature red side-stitch to our sustainable vegan leather straps, this family keeps all of our locally-made clothing together with a needle and thread.

Printing House

South Central

Our designs are individually screen printed in a small shop in South Central LA. Our Maker uses a hand cut stencil and ink to print our bold street art-inspired logos on our soft organic cotton Ts and raw canvas bags. He takes his time perfecting each print from start to finish, making sure everyone knows our sustainably-produced clothing is really MADE IN LA.